Matilde Baffa Ugo Rivolta European Architecture Award 2021

The Matilde Baffa Ugo Rivolta European Architecture Award, announced every two years by the Order of Architects of Milan and now in its eighth edition, is aimed at the best European social housing projects and is a reference point for the debate in this area, highlighting the importance of the overall quality of the constructed environment and the sustainability of architectural design.

The projects that can be entered must to be built, ended and consigned between January 2016 and December 2020 in any of the 27 nations in the European Community, United Kingdom and Switzerland. Social housing means residential buildings pro­moted by public or private institutions, with specific access regulations and due to satisfy a demand for lodging wich cannot be satisfied by the free market.


Full members:

1) Søren Nielsen (Denmark)
2) International member in the process of defining
3) Carles Muro (Spain)
4) Chiara Rizzica (Italy)
5) Fabio Lepratto (Italy)


Substitute members

6) Simona Della Rocca (Italy)
7) Marco Peverini (Italy)


27 July 2021 – publication of award notice
1 September – deadline for reporting of works by the scientific board
10 September – deadline for presentation of questions
14 September – publication of answers
4 October – deadline for submission of projects documentation stage one
25 October – publication of results of the stage one
22 November – deadline for submission of projects documentation for final stage
15 December 2021 – publication of the results.

Per qualsiasi informazione scrivere a
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telefono: +39 02.62534242