02_PetitdidierPrioux Architectes (PPX)| Zac Danube – LOT A1-31 logements



Project title: Zac Danube – LOT A1-31 logements

Recommending party
The project has been submitted by:

PetitdidierPrioux Architectes (PPX)


Country: France

City: Strasbourg

Address: Rue Edmont Michelet


Designer or design team architects:

PetitdidierPrioux (PPX)


Plot area – Superficie lotto: 591,3 sq m

Gross Area – Superficie lorda totale: 2060,3 sq m

Of which
residential – Di cui Residenziale:
% 75

Public/communal areas – Spazi collettivi/comuni: % 12

Facilities for the public – Attrezzature pubbliche: % 0

Business/trade – Commerciale: % 13

Offices – Uffici: % 0

Number of residential units – Numero di alloggi: 31

Typology of users – Tipologia di utenti: Families – Famiglie

Total building costs Euros – Costo di costruzione totale in Euro: 2,8 M€

Building Cost = Total Bulding Cost / Gross Area – Costo di costruzione = Costo di costruzione totale /Superficie lorda totale: 1359 €/sq m

Floor area ratio = Gross Area / Plot Area – Densità = Superficie lorda totale /Superficie lotto: 3,5

Work started on date – Data inizio lavori: Wednesday, 8th February 2017

Work completion date – Data ultimazione lavori: Monday, 1st April 2019


CDC Habitat

Allotment rule – Regola di assegnazione: Social criteria

Reduction cost percentege compared to the market value – Percentuale di riduzione di costo rispetto al valore di mercato

assignement %: no assignment

rent %:


A bit under the average construction cost = 1 375 €/sq m.

Rental/sale cost compared to market price
Costo di affitto/ vendita rispetto al mercato
On average, rents are 30 to 40% lower than market prices.

Rules of allocation –
Regole di assegnazione:
Access to social housing is restricted to households not exceeding the resource ceilings. These latter are set for all people living in the household according to the category of the household, as well as the region where the housing is located.

Protection of fragile categories
Tutela categorie fragili

No particular profile is targeted ; every file is examined.

Involvement of inhabitants in the building process – Coinvolgimento degli abitanti nel processo: The inhabitants were mobilized within the framework of 4 design workshops and during a public meeting bringing together the stakeholders of the project.

Community accompaniment in the life of the building – Accompagnamento della comunità nella vita dell’edificio:
Through the hotlines organized in the residences, tenants are informed of their rights and duties. They are also aware of the need to get involved collectively alongside CDC Habitat to improve their environment.


Functional mixitè – Mix funzionale:
A shop is located in the ground floor of the building. It contributes to the animation of the street.

Common spaces and shared living-Spazi comuni e abitare condiviso:
The low-rise building has an accessible rooftop with a shared garden and a solarium. The ground floor is dedicated to a semi-open bicycle parking opening onto the central square. A fault splits the two plots and marks the entrance to all the accommodation on the ground floor from the public space.


Made up of precast concrete elements, the building adopts a sober architectural language. The alternation of insulation from the outside and from the inside makes it possible to take off the facade over a large part of the building, like a double skin.

Description of the project:

Urban posture

The set of 31 housing and shops designed by architects Cédric Petitdidier and Vincent Prioux is the last building block of the Danube eco-district. In an eclectic and misaligned building environment, the project plays a pivotal role. The pleated and dynamic form of the facade on rue Edmond Michelet restores an alignment by connecting the two neighboring buildings offset from each other, while the volume installs an intermediate height between them, thus recomposing a way of urban front. The rear part, overlooking the public square, is imbued in its volume and composition of existing buildings.


One building, two volumes

“Thought out on four sides, our project is organized into two differentiated volumes,” say the architects. The first 8-storey building overlooks rue Edmond Michelet. The second rises over 4 floors and faces the central square. Its roof hosts a green terrace and a more mineral solarium, which residents can access. A fault splits the two plots and thus makes it possible to mark the entrance to all the housing units, on the ground floor, from the public space. It is crossed by private walkways which provide direct access to the accommodation in the lower building, from the circulation core located in the upper building. The large semi-open bicycle storage room on the ground floor of the low-rise building opens onto the central mineral square. Taking advantage of the frequentation of the street, the ground floor of the other main building is entirely occupied by shops. The purity and sobriety of treatment that we have retained in the architecture of this project reinterprets both the atmosphere of the old Docks and the port warehouses, as well as the codes of Strasbourg architecture, by showing the building in its structural truth, a bit like the way the half-timbered frames constitute the image of the city and using color as an accompaniment. ”


Typological diversity

Each plot of the project accommodates a type of housing. The building on the street houses family apartments. The double skin of the south and west facades allows residents to benefit from generous exterior extension spaces offering various orientations and views. The plot overlooking the square is designed as an investment property made up of a stack of classic or inverted duplexes. For each, a single or double-height corner loggia enhances the space in the accommodation.