03 Architetto Carlos Ferrater | Edilizia residenziale Madrid



Project title: Edilizia residenziale sovvenzionata a Madrid

Recommending party
The project has been submitted by:

Architetto Carlos Ferrater



Country: Spain

City: Madrid

Address: Carretera de Villaverde-José Perez


Designer or design team architects:

Architetto Fabio Andreassi


Architetto Carlos Ferrater


Description of the project:

This project foresees construction of a building which can resolve the specific conditions of an irregularly shaped ground, a program of apartments with different surface areas, complicated urban regulations and a complex housing facility.

The building is divided into two bodies:

the first, containing the vertical communication nucleus, is a trapezoidal-shaped tower (ground floor + 8), which adapts to the street alignments, scaling backwards in the two top floors.

This body contains the apartments of 70 sq. m. (three bedrooms) and 60 sq. m. (two bedrooms).

The second body, or block of the building, is separated from the front by an entrance courtyard which crosses the lot longitudinally; in this way, the staircase of the tower building divides the two volumes, crossing the courtyard with a bridge at the height of the third floor. The second body, three floors high, contains the apartments of 90 sq. m.: four apartments each on two levels with private garden on the lower floor, with access from the courtyard, and two apartments on the third floor.

This volumetric distribution permits optimal yield of the lot for the number of apartments and their quality, also complying with the urban application criteria.

The disposition of volumes also helps to structure access from the road, the access ramp to the car park and the area destined for the private gardens.