05 EM2N Architekten | Hegianwandweg Housing Project



Project title: Hegianwandweg Housing Project

Recommending party
The project has been submitted by:

EM2N Architekten I Mathias Mliller I Daniel Niggli


Country: Switzerland

City: Zurich



Designer or design team architects:

EM2N Architekten I Mathias Mliller I Daniel Niggli




Description of the project:

Housing Cooperative: Reality has caught up with utopias of communal, self-determining, settlements free from property speculation. The concept of “cooperative“ must be worked out anew and adapted to the multiple realities of life and divergent demands.

Sustainability: While the idea of the garden city may be dead, its concept of social and spatial responsibility survive in the term sustainability. Although architecture cannot be directly derived from this concept, the themes of sustainability flow in a natural way into designs ranging from urban planning to building construction and the economic utilization of energy.

Community: We try to understand community more as a possibility than a constraint. It is given spatial expression in the carefully worked out sequence of public to private spaces. Interface spaces, such as entrance halls to buildings, apartment entrances and balconies, are concentrated in terms of both atmosphere and programme.

Adaptivity: In an era when life-styles are accelerating and splitting up, flexibility is no longer a luxury but an indispensable requirement. We work at creating a kind of architecture that defines spatial qualities and is yet open to individual appropriation and programmatic changes.