09 ATER ROVIGO | Programma di Recupero Urbano “Case Rosse”



Project title: Programma di Recupero Urbano “Case Rosse”

Recommending party
The project has been submitted by:

ATER Rovigo


Country: Italia

City: Adria Rovigo



Designer or design team architects:

ATER Rovigo


ATER Rovigo

Description of the project:


The city of Adria, historically a borderland between the cultivated plain and the sea, has a hydro-geological conformation characterized by a continual intersecting of road and river communication routes. The aim of the project, conceived as an Urban Recovery Plan, was to reconsider the contextual urban features, features which were more relevant to the city of Venice than to the rest of the Rovigo province and, from this approach, resulted the choice of the covered roof terraces and the characteristic embanking and net subdivision of the development of the mechanized and pedestrian-bicycle paths so as to evoke the road and river routes existing in the area.

All this is to make it possible for the elderly inhabitants to circulate safely and peacefully and, furthermore, to retrieve considerable space for community life both in terms of parks and secondary urbanization, concentrated in the new square to be used for open-air theatre and musical events.

In the case of this particular urban recovery, both the elderly and their families are fortunate to be assigned housing in the Public Residential Building; therefore, it was possible to obtain an Italian version of the English “granny annexes” without the difficulty of assigning neighbouring housing, so experimenting an intervention for the elderly but maintaining the residence area near their families.

In order to consider all the problems of the elderly, the housings were provided not only with the normal acoustic signals but also with luminous control panels in various colours to signal the ringing of the door bell and the telephone as well as the alarm cord in the bathroom.

An alarm device makes it possible for the elderly person to advise their family next door if they need assistance of any kind, a simple mobile element which can be connected to the power supply. A similar reception device is installed in the family’s house so that they can intervene promptly in the case of need.

The project was carried out in agreement with the Veneto Region, Local Council of Adria and A.T.E.R. from the Rovigo province (Residential Building Society former IACP) and financed by DGR Veneto no. 2318 dated 19/04/1995 and successive provision 4670/96.