Project title: Residence for university students and services in the area Ex-Fiat at Novoli, Florence

Recommending party
The project has been submitted by:

C+S Associati


Country: Italy

City: Novali



Designer or design team architects:

C+S Associati


ADISU Firenze

Description of the project:

Occupying two urban blocks of the recovery plan by Roberto Gabetti and Aimaro Isola, which develops the guide plan by Leon Krier, the project foresees building of a residential complex for 250 university students and relative service areas over four levels. An area for car parking occupies the basement while the commercial area and university canteen are on the ground floor. The project considers the two blocks as a compact and unitary building system which unites the two lots with a large roof, a sort of urban door, which leads to the entrance to the housing area, the service areas and the canteen. The complex opens on the inside to three open courtyards. The design of the blocks, the preservation of the fixed external borders, the materials and the vertical piercing system develop the project as a “built mass”. The compact foundation in reinforced concrete is designed by the regular casings which give order to the infilling panel system built from the sequence of “shingles” in grey-coloured Prodema wood. The housings are provided with a system of access balconies facing the internal courtyards. This is the social area with several community rooms and access to the apartments, indicated by a full-length luminous lantern which highlights the threshold. The courtyards are organized in such a way that the external and internal façades of the complex are different; the inside is characterized by different colours and looks on to the internal gardens. The study and service areas, open to all the university students, face Via Forlanini where the triple height of a large reinforced concrete and glass wall modulates the internal light through the alternating access balconies.