12_ La Casa di Marina | Vanessa Brusati

2015 Edition, Italy


Project title: La Casa di Marina

Recommending party
The project has been submitted by:
Vanessa Brusati, architect




City: Cardano al Campo, Varese

Address: Via dell’Ongaro, 11



Designer or design team architects: Vanessa Brusati


Plot Area: 2.281,14 sq.m.

Gross Area: 1.516,29 sq.m.

Of which residential: 32%
Public/communal areas: 50%
Facilities for the public: 10%
Business/trade: 0%
Offices: 0%

Number of residential units: 3
Typology of users: students
Total building costs Euros: 2.300.000,00  €
Building Cost = Total Bulding Cost / Gross Area: 1.516,00 €/ sq.m.
Floor area ratio = Gross Area / Plot Area: 0,66
Work started on date: Monday, 7th May 2012
Work completion date: Thursday, 19th December 2013


Promoter: L’Arca Laboratorio Scuola Onlus
Allotment rule:
Casa di Marina è nell’elenco dei CSE, SFA e Residenze all’ASL di Somma Lombardo (VA) e in altri comuni limitrofi; sono i genitori degli studenti/utenti che scelgono in base alla preferenza. Il comune di apparteneza del ragazzo contribuisce per il 50% al pagamento della retta

Reduction cost percentage compared to the market value:
– assignment: 50 %
– rent: 50 %

Description of the project: 

Building, 1516 sq m on two floors, workable roof and with two pitches on the rooms of the Residence, with finishes and different morphologies depending on destination, functional areas outside, gardens and parking lots.

School canteen 215 sq.m.

Playroom for children, where the Cooperative organizes events in otherwise destined for the restaurant.

Residence for 10 users,.405 square meters.

Temporary Housing apartments in the attic floor.

Multipurpose space .75 mq outdoor used for exhibition.

Socio-educational services , 650 m2 day.

Outdoor space for theatre workshop and psychomotricity.

On the first floor there are the offices of the Cooperative, connected directly to the school, waiting area, with Director’s offices.

Main objective: to Create a hospitable environment, where users had to spend a lot of time could be in an environment rich in Visual, olfactory and tactile.

Wood, comfortable material, is the material used for detail the structure, elasticity and of its resistance to the efforts the chemicals in the air, is the best source to create the healthiest environment conditions for the man.

External walls of only 32 cm make, sturdy construction, guarantee a thermal-acoustic insulation unreachable with conventional construction systems with reduced thickness.

Wood is the material of “sunblind ” has different functions,: camouflages the downpipes, hides the vertical frames, becomes Pergola, climbing essences hosts, creates a union between the built and the green. Green portals form indicating symbolic “transition between nature and the built”.

Where is the main entrance of the community form a skylight, which helps to remember the shape of “Home”.

Another characteristic element is the glass on-non-matter, which does not split out from inside. The light predominates and leads throughout the day: the same rhythms of nature controls biological rhythms and rhythms of activity.

The mural decoration on the wall of the cylindrical elevator in the Community, represents the symbolic location of the spirit who has access to and undertakes a path of growth.

Green scenery outside the olfactive perception: as important as the Visual one.

Internally, almost dynamic harmonic curves, creating personal environments for a cozy space.

The bathrooms are decorated with nature-inspired parties, to create exclusive environments, a source of pride for the guys who live inside the structure.