Project title: KSM – Karree St. Marx

Recommending party
The project has been submitted by:
 QUERKRAFT Architeckten



City: Vienna


Erne Seder Gasse 4/6


Designer or design team architects:

QUERKRAFT Architeckten


Plot Area: 60.600 mq

Gross Area: 17.058 mq

Of which residential: 98%
Public/communal areas: -%
Facilities for the public: -%
Business/trade: -%
Offices: 2%

Number of residential units: 129
Typology of users: families, supervised accommodation
Total building costs Euros: 14.500.000
Building Cost = Total Bulding Cost / Gross Area: 850,04 €/ mq
Floor area ratio = Gross Area / Plot Area: 0,28 mq
Work started on date: 2008
Work completion date: 2009


Promoter: Bauhilfe Wohnbau Karree St. Marx Projekt GMBH
Owner: Bauhilfe Wohnbau Karree St. Marx Projekt GMB
Allotment rule: 

Reduction cost percentage compared to the market value:
– assignement: -%
– rent: 100%

Description of the project: 


affordable, flexible, ‘growing’ apartments – especially for young families.

notably in 3rd district there was a limited supply of affordable apartments for young families.

two apartment types

the concept of the windmill makes the double orientation in all apartments possible. the corner apartments are by nature lit and ventilated on two sides. the floorplan orientation means that there are no apartments with an exclusive northern orientation.


glass panels stretch from floor to ceiling with a disruptive window sill. living rooms are generously glazed across their entire length. living spaces are expanded with the addition of perimeter balconies and loggias. instead of architectonic elements the building budget allows for the residents to receive three elements to design their balconies: flowers pots, a tarpaulin screen and clothes rack. these everyday elements create the first layer of homliness which will be continued by the residents themselves. thus the design of the house lies in the hands of the residents and will change continually.

structure and floorplan

in order to maintain the clarity of the town planning basis the private perimeter freespace was removed from the building volume. loggias structure the body from the outside, a large airy atrium creates a lively communication space on the inside.

green salons

double heighted winter-gardens within the building deliver not only more natural light into the atrium, but also an extension semi-private interaction zone.


the main theme of the project was to make the internal atrium a great communications zone. the recesses in the roof, the opening of the green salons and the generous open-plan ground floor, together with the kitchen glazing create a tension filled ever changing light-show every evening.

zoning the transition from outside to inside

generous communial functions open the atrium in the ground floor. the transition from the public street area to the private apartment occurs in the atrium itself. the foyer and atrium become a social meeting point for the residents.

roof top garden – rentable garden beds

the added extras in the green concept for karree st. marx is complemented with an attractive garden concept for the roof top.