16_Querkraft | Apartments leebgasse



Project title: apartments leebgasse 46

Recommending party
The project has been submitted by:

querkraft architekten zt gmgh


Country: Austria

City: Vienna

Address: Leebgasse 46


Designer or design team architects:

querkraft architekten zt gmgh



Lot surface area: 1300 m2

Total area of the project: – m2

Of which residential: 1050 m2
Public/communal areas: 250 m2
Facilities for the public: – m2
Business/trade: – m2
Offices: – m2

Number of residential units: 11
Typology of users: families, other

Construction costs (euro/square metre): 1270 €/m2

Work started on date: 2003
Work completion date: 2004


Promoter: Wohnbauvereinigung der Gewerkschaft der Privatangestellten
Owner: Wohnbauvereinigung der Gewerkschaft der Privatangestellten

Description of the project:

overall concept
the house has internal values such as flexibility and bountiful space. in addition, the outer image exudes a strong identity and creative energy.
a house with an open structure, reduced to the necessary framework: the division of space can be chosen freely by the user and can be completely altered by the decade
the aspect of the apartments can be determined by the user, with a choice between morning or
services core
the auxiliary rooms are arranged as a streamlined core, which still allows for large baths and a bidet in the bathroom.
the higher-hanging balcony draws the sunlight deeper into the apartment.
window bench
an integrated, aesthetic window bench in front of the windows invites you to sit down. the bench is on the same level as the balcony.
the facades are largely glazed with opening elements designed as panel doors.
visual concept
the balcony glazing is printed with green grass, which creates a playful filter with the grey environment. the graphics and colour concept were developed by lichtwitz-büro für visuelle kommunikation.
communal areas
the ground floor area shared with laubeplatz 3 has a children’s play area and half-communal areas with trees and benches for relaxing.
directly in the entrance area, open bicycle parking spaces encourage regular cycling by making the bicycles more readily available than cars.
ground floor accommodatio.
a special apartment with a garden has a 5- metre high living room (potential for a suspended gallery). looking out onto the street. this unit could be used as a practice or office room with street access.