16_Ristrutturazione 5 alloggi ‘Borgo delle Mezzelane’ | Silvano Rossini

2015 Edition, Italy


Project title: Ristrutturazione 5 alloggi ‘Borgo delle Mezzelane’

Recommending party
The project has been submitted by: 
Silvano Rossini, architect




City:  Santa Maria Nuova, Ancona

Address: via Piave



Designer or design team architects: architetto Silvano Rossini


Plot Area: 900 sq.m.

Gross Area: 450 sq.m.

Of which residential:  100%
Public/communal areas:  0%
Facilities for the public: 0%
Business/trade: 0%
Offices: 0

Number of residential units: 5
Typology of users: families
Total building costs Euros: 750.000 €
Building Cost = Total Bulding Cost / Gross Area: 1.660,00 €/ sq.m.
Floor area ratio = Gross Area / Plot Area: 2
Work started on date: Friday, 1st February 2013
Work completion date: Sunday, 30th November 2014


Promoter: Comune di Santa Maria Nuova
Allotment rule: public notice
Reduction cost percentage compared to the market value:
– assignment: 50%
– rent: 50%

Description of the project: 

The idea of the project is about “la frazione storica Collina”, an old part of the small village of Santa Maria Nuova, in Marche.

The program operates in a periferic urban pattern out of areas of strong attraction, through the pubblic acquisition and the recovery of public property with fiondi regional funds.

The project is built on the historic axis of via Piave, identifying new urban connectivity and the recovery of 3 buildings designed for public housing. one of the three buildings to be recovered in residential use is an abandoned building previously occupied by industrial activity.

The idea of the project is based on the study of the cross section, which, by the geometry of the trend of shell with variation of the slopes and the insertion of chimneys, generates, in addition of the design of the interior space, the natural movement of the air. The project’s objective is to integrate the architectural form to the requirements of energetic efficiency and living comfort inside.

About the structur, the main idea of the experimental project is to improve the seismic performances through lightweight construction systems and innovative technologies for seismic protection. the construction system provides ceilings in structural fretted panelling, a main metalllic structure integrated with dissipative braces and vertical light and locking dry systems.