18_Studio Architetti Associati Giandebiaggi & Mora | Edificio residenziale in linea



Project title: Edificio residenziale in linea

Recommending party
The project has been submitted by:

Studio Architetti Associati Giandebiaggi & Mora


Country: Italy

City: Monticelli Terme



Designer or design team architects:

Studio Architetti Associati Giandebiaggi & Mora


Cooperativa di abitazione

Description of the project:

This project, carried out by Giandebiaggi & Mora in one of the central roads of  Monticelli Terme (Parma), is based on a dichotomy which well interprets the local background as well as fully observing the existing town planning. The complex is composed of a residential building located in the town area C2, lot 1. This building is C-shaped, with a wide portico, extending the entire height, which unifies three blocks with different heights  and with a roof in laminated glass on a steel frame. The pillars on the façade terminate with transparent sheets which highlight the verticality and overall luminosity. This element, which strongly characterizes the internal façade of the building, creates a reference counterpoint with the surrounding buildings and with the aerial view of the thermal spa. In front of, and not far from, the new complex there is a religious building which is also characterized by a wide portico. Looking at Monticello from above, it is possible to observe how a dense vegetation grows between the various buildings, almost creating natural porticoes. This recurring element in the local scenery doubtlessly serves two purposes: protection, defence, delimiting private places, creation of a “boundary” area where to observe but not be observed, but also an open area for the community where to meet and converse. Public/private, transparency/obscurity, protection/growth: these are dichotomies which well summarize the local history. The wide and thick portico, oversize, expresses the concept of gravity, rooting of the walls to the earth. The “second skin” which mitigates the impact of the building with the outside, avoiding a “hermetic effect”, is a recurring theme in the architecture of Giandebiaggi & Mora and it also plays an important role in capturing and redirecting the light in the desired direction. The light, another element of fundamental importance, becomes in its turn almost a filter, a buffer between the walls and the area lying behind. The housing development includes 26 living units with different surface areas, from one bedroom to three bedrooms with bathrooms, located in the central part on three floors above ground and on two floors in the lateral part. The apartments can be accessed from two stairways and elevators located in the corners. All the apartments on the ground floor have private gardens. Underground there are 28 garages, cellars and accessory areas.