19_Séquoia | INSPACE

2015 Edition, France


Project title: Séquoia

Recommending party
The project has been submitted by: 
Marta Mendonça, architect INSPACE




City: Carrieres-sous-Poissy

Address: 848 chemlin de Beauregard 78955



Designer or design team architects: INSPACE architecture – Marta Mendonça and Gonzalo Galindo


Plot Area: 4.256 sq.m.

Gross Area: 5.287,60 sq.m.

Of which residential:  100%
Public/communal areas: 0%
Facilities for the public: 0%
Business/trade: 0%
Offices: 0%

Number of residential units: 62
Typology of users: families
Total building costs Euros: 7.600.000,00 €
Building Cost = Total Bulding Cost / Gross Area: 1.437,00 €/ sq.m.
Floor area ratio = Gross Area / Plot Area: 1,24
Work started on date: Tuesday, 1st January 2013
Work completion date: Thursday, 25th June 2015 


Promoter: Immobiliere 3F
Allotment rule: PLU Carrieres-sous-Poissy
Reduction cost percentage compared to the market value:
– assignment: not indicated
– rent: not indicated

Description of the project: 

Urban insertion

Located in the residential neighborhood called Saint Louis les Grésillons, facing a large green river bank park, the site makes part of a restructuration residential sub‐urban area.

The implantation of the project answers to a double preoccupation: first, integrate in an optimal way the recent construction of collective housing on its east side with the individual housing pavilions on its west side; in order to redefine scale and urban coherence to the neighborhood. And second, integrate an ecological and economic energy environmental respect, by optimizing natural lighting for the dwellings, and draw interior and exterior spaces highly naturally ventilated.

The project is composed by a layout of four buildings, east‐west oriented with a north‐south axe volume interruption for each built block, creating several transversals respirations and visual links between the built environment, both from inside and outside points of views.
The in‐between spaces are treated as collective gardens, to where the apartments are oriented. Its surface and proportions result from a sun trajectory study to avoid building shadows in the elevations, and to have the maximum elevations exposed directly to sun light.

Both south and north buildings follow the position of the collective housing on its east side, regulating the street urban sense, meanwhile to the third street facing the individual housing pavilions, the project present a discontinuous elevation, and breaking the collective scale of the regular collective blocks to present three sculpted wooden houses in direct echo with the facing typology.

The idea and concept of this project is to introduce a ‘regulator piece’ between the different scales of the built environment. The project assumes the volumetric and typological transition of its built environment and dialogues with both with respect and loyalty.