22_Cascina Merlata | Mario Cucinella Architects, Pura, Teknoarch

2015 Edition, Italy


Project title: Cascina Merlata

Recommending party
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City: Milan

Address: via Daimler 20



Designer or design team architects: Mario Cucinella Architects, Pura, Teknoarch


Plot Area: 17.880 sq.m.

Gross Area: 31.132 (6 building) + 36.040 (built building): 67.172 sq.m.

Of which residential: 93%
Public/communal areas:  7%
Facilities for the public: 0%
Business/trade: 0%
Offices: 0%

Number of residential units: 397 (7 building)
Typology of users: families
Total building costs Euros: 56.676.057,00 €
Building Cost = Total Bulding Cost / Gross Area: 1.573,00 €/ sq.m.
Floor area ratio = Gross Area / Plot Area: 2
Work started on date: 13 June 2013
Work completion date: 30 December 2015


Promoter: Euromilano 
Allotment rule: Income below 90.000 € / residence in the metropolitan city
Reduction cost percentage compared to the market value:
– assignment: 20-30%
– rent:  20-30%

Description of the project: 

The project

The project consists in a complex of 7 buildings located in the area called Cascina Merlata district; as first step the buildings will host the Expo Village and then the social housing borough. The complex was designed by different architects, called to develop a project of new towers with the target to coexist different volumes in a single “urban cluster”.

There will be a second phase, starting in July 2016, with the construction of four additional towers designed by Studio CZA and C+S. The dwellings will be 690 overall, on sale and for rent.

The architectural concept

The concept starts from the quality living that is strongly influenced by public and private space’s high quality. For these reason, the buildings, even if parts of a urban- density area, define a complex urban landscape, with a good relationship between solids and voids. There are different volumes with dissimilar heights, transparencies and opacities, colors and shades.

The buildings’ ground-floors are loggias open to the central space. They contain lobbies, the vertical distribution, service areas; inside the lobbies are located many leisure facilities that liven up the new neighborhood and the wide open spaces. The facilities are: playground, a gym, laundries, living rooms and a coffee-break area.

The buildings are unified by the ground-floors and the loggias white color, that defines the living -space in every buildings.

Even though the low budget available imposed from a social housing project, the buildings are all in A Class. The district is strongly oriented to the principles of sustainability and the use of advanced technology to reduce environmental impact (photovoltaic panels, district heating, radiant floor panel, etc.). All the solutions contribute to increase profitability through more efficient use of resources of materials, energy and water and to reduce operating costs for tenants and lowers maintenance costs.

For the towers designed by MCA was conducted a solar analysis that has valuated the number of sunshine hours per day on the buildings surfaces: these variables have induced to a particular care on the orientation and dimensioning of facade’s clear surfaces, according to the sunshine and use of each spaces.

It also present WIFI-free and fiber 100.
Social SustainabilityThe social housing program is divided into three different lines: sale, rent to buy and long term lease The three reference values for social housing are: long term lease from 65 € / sqm per year – 5.200 € per year for a 80 sqm apartment; sale from € 2.074 / sqm and rent to buy from € 97,56 / sqm which includes the recognition of 70% of the amount paid on account price. The basic conditions required are: staying inside the Città Metropolitana, not be owners of another flat and an income bracket less than € 90,000.