33_HOLZBOX ZT GMBH | Camp Wildalpen



Project title: Camp Wildalpen

Recommending party
The project has been submitted by:

Holzbox ZT GmbH


Country: Austria

City: Styria



Designer or design team architects:

Holzbox ZT GmbH


Naturfreunde Osterreich Reiseburo & Freizeit esmbH

Description of the project:

Camp Wildalpen is one of six youth camps currently only partially planned and realised within the context of the LeaderPlus project. Supported by the EU and the province of Styria, the programme aims to “make a contribution to regional architecture, improve the communication climate and raise self-confidence in the “LeaderPlus” regions.” In 2003 HolzBox won the corresponding competition for “Multifunctional camp modules” and in 2004 the first example was built in Passail. In comparison to Passail, Camp Wildalpen for Friends of Nature in Austria, an extension to the existing Wild Water Centre, is much smaller. Five modules with apartments and an element of the same size with a recreation room form a wellproportioned row of units elegantly raised on slim supports. Apart from a concreted utility and drying room, the ground remains free. Together with the stairway and seating steps this also forms the main entrance to the access balcony on the upper storey. In this way a large, covered hall is created, a welcome and useful addition to the scarce space available and also a response to the specific bankside location.

The modules are around 35m2, providing room for six people. Their design is remarkably simple but nonetheless ingenious. On the external facades are bunks that can be enclosed within tiny rooms thanks to sliding doors, and given shelter and privacy by blinds; in the middle is an optimised core with bathrooms and a freestanding (!) kitchen element. Because the entire depth of the building remains open and the bunks are integrated into the spatial structure, the effect is surprisingly spacious, despite its modest dimensions. This impression is furthered by the care taken over detailing and in the choice of colours and materials.