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Project title:  poolHaus

Recommending party
The project has been submitted by:

Pool Architektur



Country: Austria

City:  Vienna



Designer or design team architects:

Pool Architektur


Lot surface area: 3619 m2

Total area of the project: 11985 m2

Of which residential: 10506 m2
Public/communal areas: 265 m2
Facilities for the public: – m2
Business/trade: – m2
Offices: – m2

Number of residential units: 252
Typology of users: families, temporary residents

Construction costs (euro/square metre): 920  €/m2

Work started on date: 2005
Work completion date: 2007


Promoter: Municipality of Vienna
Owner: KabelWerk

Description of the project: 

The 60 hectare area of the former KDAG cable factory, known as Kabelwerk, was subject to an urbanistic competition in 1998. Based on its results, an award-winning cooperative planning process generated a zoning and development plan with innovative features, such as the definition of public areas instead of buildings, reservation of the buildings base level for public functions, specification of structural units with a maximum cubature, a maximum height and build-on obligations. In 2002, a working group of 6 architectural teams was formed and commissioned to design the public housing buildings in the new urban quarter.

Design Approach

The Poolhaus residential building, with a usable floor area of 11,000 sq.m., is situated at the northern edge of the new quarter’s central square. It is composed of two functional units, each one made accessible with an ample stair hall, and, in addition, connected with each other on every floor. The western part contains 39 flats for the standard Austrian. The other, larger part of the building, oriented towards the square, comprises 213 ready-furnished apartments for temporary living, permeated by public and semi-public shared facilities. Among these there are communal kitchens, hobby rooms, a laundry, a sauna and an open air swimming pool with spacious roof terrace and lawn for sunbathing. On ground floor there is an adequate share of rentable areas for retail and gastronomy to give room to urban life.

Creating a Community

Because some of the shared facilities, namely pool, sauna and fitness area, can be used by all residents of Kabelwerk, Poolhaus is the quarters most public building. Hence, the large stair hall is conceived as a public lane. It crosses the ground level from north to south and constitutes the entrée, not only for the people living in the building but also for the visitors of the communal facilities on the topmost levels. The hall is dominated by a tube of staircases, which on the one hand is a fire escape for the leisure facilities and on the other hand encourages communication between the residents.