36_Patronage Laique | MAB Arquitectura + LAPS architecture

2015 Edition, France


Project title: Patronage Laique  – Social Housing and Community Centre

Recommending party
The project has been submitted by:
Massimo Basile, MAB Arquitectura




City: Paris

Address: 72 AV. FELIX FAURE


Designer or design team architects: MAB Arquitectura + LAPS architecture


Plot Area: 580 sq.m.

Gross Area: 2.330 sq.m.

Of which residential:  50%
Public/communal areas:  15%
Facilities for the public: 35%
Business/trade: 0%
Offices: 0%

Number of residential units: 35
Typology of users:  temporary residents
Total building costs Euros:  5.700.000,00 €
Building Cost = Total Bulding Cost / Gross Area:  2.446,00 €/ sq.m.
Floor area ratio = Gross Area / Plot Area: 4
Work started on date: Friday, 1st April 2011
Work completion date: Saturday, 20th December 2014


Promoter: RIVP Régie Immobilière de la Ville de Paris
Allotment rule: assignment
Reduction cost percentage compared to the market value:
– assignment:   not indicated
– rent: not indicated

Description of the project: 

Patronage Laïque is a recently delivered project by MAB+LAPS team for the RIVP Régie Immobilière de la Ville de Paris.
This mixed-use building integrates two identities in a principle of uniqueness: The Social Housing program with 30 units for young workers and the Community Centre with multipurpose spaces.

Urban context/approach
Located on the corner of Avenue Felix Faure and rue Tisserand in the XV arrondissement, the building sits in the Boucicaut development zone with its orthogonal morphology and Haussmannian vestiges. Occupying the typical Parisian street-corner lot, the building marks the neighbourhood with its luminescent front facade constructed in white U-glass, during day and night.

The approach highlight the relationship between city and public space by establishing a strong bond and continuity with the interior of the plot, placing the accent on its public facility character by offering an identifiable landmark.

Design approach
The public facility and the social housing program enjoy two distinct entrances. The Patronage’s glassed-in atrium extends the public space within the building while enabling neighbours and the passers-by to glimpse at activities happening in the building.

The residence has a more discrete side entrance and extends from the second storey to the fifth. The 4-storey facade along rue Tisserand is treated in glazed concrete, the metallic reflections of which wed with the interior glazing.

The living units combine a working wall (storage, kitchen, and office) and naturally lit and ventilated bathrooms. Generous operable glazing animates the studio space, the floor areas of which vary from 19 to 23 square meters.

Environmental sustainability
The Building is conceived with high energetic performances and it is certificated BBC Bâtiment Basse Consommation (50Kwh/year).

The exterior envelope is conceived with high performances, and made of a structural concrete façade and a mineral wool external insulation (20+ 15 cm). A system of photovoltaic panels in the roof grants the production of hot water.

Social sustainability
The proposition fosters user-friendliness by creating generous meeting places and favouring an opening onto the city. It responds to the City of Paris desire to encourage “getting on better together” in a spirit of opening to the world.