48_New nursing home and sheltered housing | Raffaella Battani, Daniele Mei

2015 Edition, Italy


Project title: New nursing home and sheltered housing

Recommending party
The project has been submitted by:
arch. Raffaella Battani, arch. Daniele Mei




City: Abbiategrasso

Address: Piazza Samek, 5



Designer or design team architects: arch. Raffaella Battani, arch. Daniele Mei


Plot Area: 8.477 sq.m.

Gross Area: 17.315 sq.m.

Of which residential: 43,0 %
Public/communal areas: 19,0 %
Facilities for the public: 32,7 %
Business/trade: 2,7 %
Offices: 2,6%

Number of residential units: 18 + 64
Typology of users: old-aged people
Total building costs Euros: 19.610.539,12 €
Building Cost = Total Bulding Cost / Gross Area: 1.132,58 €/sq.m.
Floor area ratio = Gross Area / Plot Area: 2,04
Work started on date: 10/10/2011
Work completion date: 23/10/2014


Promoter: Azienda di Servizi alla Persona Golgi Redaelli, Milano
Allotment rule: members applicants
Reduction cost percentage compared to the market value:
– assignment: 10 %
– rent: 20 %

Description of the project: 

Design approach to energy and environmental aspects characterize the new assisted living residence, located in the historical center of Abbiategrasso, and which is part of the Golgi nursing complex. It’s a completely new building of four floors which has an air footbridge linked to the existing complex.

Typological and volumetric settings result from urban historical existing tracks; they are read in the project, as factors of reorganization and orientation of the context. Surrounding the building are designed some public spaces, with green and plants.

The new building includes a mixed of social functions. Inside, the ground floor is intended for activities open to the public, the first and second floors are used as a residence for people requiring social and health care, while the third floor is reserved for apartements for users self-sufficient or with slight difficulty. The common garage is located in the basement.

The project includes a total of 64 rooms of nursing home and 18 apartements of various sizes.

The primary objective of the project is to ensure a high standard of comfort and living to help housing and social integration of the user. Open courtyards and transparent fronts meet these requirements, while the smooth transition from the road to the heart of the residence, from public to private areas, is carried out through a sequence of structured spaces.

The choice of a recognized readability of the different destinations and functions corresponds to the identification of the elements of the architectural language and of the different materials, inside and outside the building.

The outer casing is characterized by solutions of ventilated façade covered with sheets of copper zinc  titanium, wood, ceramic and by a glazed front high performing.
Two shafts of natural light, provide natural lighting inside the volume. The design of the housing and facilities, guaranteed levels of energy performance that attest the building in Class A.

The choice of natural building materials, which do not require major maintenance over time; the energy savings obtained through the building envelope and the geothermal system; the optimized management of the plants and the exploitation of natural lighting, as well as reducing operational management costs, provide a partial amortization of construction costs in time and have a positive impact on the market value of the property.

The housing solutions designed, aim to reduce the disadvantages of individuals and families in access to suitable, comfortable and dignified homes, also thanks to a network of high quality services.