Recommending party
The project has been submitted by:

Ing. Fernando Stocco






Designer or design team architects:

Ing. Fernando Stocco


Plot Area: 1500 m2

Gross Area: 720 m2

Of which residential: -%
Public/communal areas: -%
Facilities for the public: -%
Business/trade: 50%
Offices: 50%

Number of residential units: –
Typology of users: other

Total building costs Euros: 5 M/€
Building Cost = Total Bulding Cost / Gross Area: 3.333,33  €/mq
Floor area ratio = Gross Area / Plot Area: 0,48 mq
Work started on date: Monday, 10th May 2004
Work completion date: Wednesday, 10th June 2009


Allotment rule: 
Reduction cost percentage compared to the market value:

– assignement: – %
– rent: – %

Description of the project:

This report describe a transparent PV to be applied to any structure, it was reported a project for applying the property of the company GS shelving SPA located in the west via postumia in Galliera Veneta – PD.

The modern architecture is always looking for cutting-edge technological and aesthetic solutions for meeting the just requirements of comfort and energy savings. Today, architects and designers have a new partner: the photovoltaic panels transparent Shell Solar. The evolution of the photovoltaic industry has allowed the creation of transparent panels amorphous silicon can replace in an excellent way some standard materials used to date in construction and to get fully integrated photovoltaic systems in the building.
The modules may, for example, to replace the covers, with a guarantee of over 25 years of durability and weather resistance, comparable to that of traditional roofing materials. Through these panels, any glass surface vertical, horizontal or inclined can be transformed into an electric generator to solar energy.
The environmental values ​​are integrated with the obvious economic advantages: the energy demand of a building can be partly covered by the direct production of photovoltaic energy. The linearity of the PV module and the exclusive electric connection system allow a final result of high aesthetic appearance.
The dimensions of the panels favoring integration in many types of installation, new and existing. Shell Solar has the technical expertise and the experience necessary to assist architects, engineers, design firms in the correct application of these new technologies of construction and energy production.

Reduction of CO2 emissions
The lower energy consumption results in the reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere: an added value for the new building to the community.
Visual comfort
Transparent photovoltaic panels convert sunlight into direct diffused light, ensuring the external view and the lighting of the interior screen. The versions with transmittance of 10% (44 Wp) guarantee within the building a visible light even on cloudy days, while versions with transmittance of 5% (50 Wp) have a greater shielding effect which determines a penumbra natural, without the use of supplementary films.
No maintenance
The production of electricity occurs without moving parts, so it is quiet and environmentally friendly. Added to this is that the system does not require any special maintenance except periodic cleaning.
The photovoltaic glass, in addition to transform solar energy into electricity, has a shielding effect against the light (10.6%) and heat (89.8%). It guarantees excellent shade in summer, with savings in energy consumption for air conditioning, and acts as a thermal insulator during the winter months.
Cutting-Edge Technology
The creation of the panel is based on amorphous silicon solar technology. During the production process a laser creates in the amorphous matrix continues a series of thin lines, which allow the passage of light (transmittance 5 or 10%, depending on the thickness of the cutting lines) through the panel. This level of light transmission is optimal to have sufficient lighting in the environment during cloudy days and alleviate the overheating during periods of direct sunlight. The active part of the panel is sandwiched between two layers of glass in the following versions: float glass 5 mm + 5 mm float glass or float glass, tempered glass, 5 mm + 8 mm and contacts for joining the panels are made with fast connectors arranged laterally to the frame.
High efficiency
The photovoltaic panels transparent, ensuring high efficiency even in low light conditions and in all those situations in which the scattered light is dominant with respect to the direct component of radiation. Filter out 90-95% of visible light, while they have a shielding effect equal to 98.9% of UV radiation, which results in better thermal insulation and a reduction of energy costs of the building.
High performance
By virtue of their transparency, these photovoltaic panels will overheat less compared to other panels, which completely absorb solar radiation, therefore the transparent photovoltaic panels have a higher yield than the panels in reflective glass (in general, the high temperature produces a negative effect on the performance of PV modules). The high insulation between the active parts of the cells and the frame reduces the risks of leakage current which are usually the main cause of power losses in high-voltage photovoltaic installations.
Electrical Specifications (1000 W/m2, 25 ° C, AM 1.5) – Module certified according to IEC 61646

Note: The values ​​are based on a stabilized condition. During the first 8-10 weeks after the activation of the system can detect higher power (14%), higher operating voltages (10%) and higher operating currents (4%). The chassis is not included in supply, must be prepared so as to allow easy wiring and resistance to various environmental stresses. We are available to provide information or recommendations of a general nature to be followed in the design and installation of photovoltaic systems.