50_RAVNIKAR POTOKAR | Residential building C



Project title: Residential building C

Recommending party
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City: Nova Gorica



Designer or design team architects:



Plot Area: 3700 m2

Gross Area: 8073 m2

Of which residential: 90%
Public/communal areas: -%
Facilities for the public: -%
Business/trade: 10%
Offices: -%

Number of residential units: 69
Typology of users: families, students, old aged people

Total building costs Euros: 8 M/€
Building Cost = Total Bulding Cost / Gross Area: 991 €/mq
Floor area ratio = Gross Area / Plot Area: 2,18 mq
Work started on date: 2008
Work completion date: 2010


Promoter: Majske Poljane D.o.o.
Allotment rule: 
Reduction cost percentage compared to the market value:

– assignement: – %
– rent: – %

Description of the project:

In line with the Decree on the Location Plan for the site along the railway station in Nova Gorica, Phase 2.a of the construction encompasses the construction of three 11-storey tower blocks, beneath which the construction of an underground garage is foreseen on the entire site of this phase.

The site of residential building; Tower Block C is located in the future building complex of the residential area Majske Poljane along the railway station in Nova Gorica. Within this phase of construction, three tower blocks will be erected along Prvomajska Street.

Architectural Design
The architectural design of Tower Block C is derived from the competition design, as outlined in the study submitted to the competition in 2002 (which was subsequently awarded first prize in the competition) and in the adopted Decree on the Location Plan. The basic idea lies in the layering of two storeys by displacing their floor plan – the elementary square of the floor plan is moved around the vertical core thus creating overhangs on which terraces are placed. The vertical line of the residential tower is cut up and transformed into horizontal layering, providing the tower with the necessary dynamics.

The common vertical building height with a ground floor and ten storeys also includes a gallery on the ground floor, while the 10th floor houses duplex flats. The ground floor and gallery are intended for public use, for various service providers and office activities, and for grocery stores and other shops, while the upper floors are intended as flats (the tenth floor features two-storey duplex flats). The building has two basements intended for technical or maintenance facilities, storage rooms belonging to the flats and parking spaces for cars.