10 – SNITKER/BORST ARCHITECTS – Tuinstede, Amsterdam (NL)

10 – SNITKER/BORST ARCHITECTS – Tuinstede, Amsterdam (NL)


Designer or design team: Snitker/Borst/Architects/
Leen Borst, Mark Snitker, Brigitte Kwa
The project has been submitted by: Leen Borst – Snitker/Borst/Architects/

Plot area: 6.925 mq
Gross Area: 17.325 mq

Of which
Residential: 100 %
Public/communal areas: 0 %
Facilities for the public: 0 – public garden
Business/trade: 0
Offices: 0
Number of residential units: 110

Typology of users: Other
Total buildin cost: 13.940.000 €
Building Cost = Total Bulding Cost / Gross Area: 804,60 €/mq
Floor area ratio = Gross Area / Plot Area: 2,50
Work started on date: Friday, 1st February 2008
Work completion date: Wednesday, 15th December 2010


tuinstede-floorplans-2 tuinstede-floorplans-1 tuinstede-urban-plan tuinstede-section tuinstede-floorplans-3


Tuinstede – Project information

Tuinstede is the last of three new blocks that have been built in the Noordstrook, north of Delflandplein in the Amsterdam district New West. The urban design for the Noordstrook is made by Snitker/Borst Architects. In order to increase the density of the neighbourhood the existing modernist open strip building plan will be replaced by three urban closed blocks with large communal courtyards. One of the streets will remain without cars and will be arranged as a playground for children. The urban design will be executed in two phases. Recently the first phase was finished. In a second phase the U-shaped blocks will be completed to closed blocks. The three blocks are designed by Dick van Gameren, ANA and Snitker/Borst Architects, respectively.

The architecture of Tuinstede matches with the modernist architecture of the Western Garden Cities of Amsterdam, with generous glass façades and large apartments with flexible 8,1 meter wide floor plans. The block encloses a collective garden with birch trees. In order to maximize the open ground in the garden, the car park is placed partly under the housing block. A zone with terraces forms a transitional zone between the individual homes and the courtyard’s communal space. Two large gates in the street façades connect the collective garden and the public street. The block has three floors with apartments above double-storey maisonettes on ground floor.

NSK01-exterior NSK02-exterior NSK03-exterior NSK04-exterior

The maisonettes on ground floor are provided with two terraces: one terrace on the street side and a second terrace on the court yard side, on top of the deck of the car park. The difference in height between street level and the deck of the car park is used to make a spacious split level house with high ceilings. De ceiling height of the dining room on street side is 3,3 meter and the ceiling height of the living room on the court yard side is 4,2 meter. Three bedrooms are located on street side above the dining room and the entrance.

NSK05-exterior NSK06-exterior NSK07-exterior NSK08-interior-apartment NSK09-interior NSK10-interior

Promoter: FarWest – De Key
Allotment rule: Housing / Appartements / Parking / Public Garden
Reduction cost percentege compared to the market value assignement: 0%

City/town: Amsterdam
Address: Maassluisstraat 2-104
Loosduinenstraat 1-69
Rijswijkstraat 30-42

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