3 – STUDIOSTUDIO ARCHITETTIURBANISTI – Low-cost housing for young people, Prato (IT)

3 – STUDIOSTUDIO ARCHITETTIURBANISTI – Low-cost housing for young people, Prato (IT)


Designer or design team: Arch. Elisa Palazzo and Arch. Bruno Pelucca – studiostudio architettiurbanisti
The project has been submitted by: Bruno Pelucca

Plot area: 7.641 mq
Gross area: 4.393 mq

Of which
Residential: 100%
Public/communal areas: 4.122 mq
Facilities for the public: 0
Business/trade: 0
Offices: 0
Number of residential units: 50

Typology of users: families under 35, other
Total building costs: 3.852.802,00 €
Building Cost = Total Building Cost / Gross Area: 877 €/mq
Floor area ratio = Gross Area / Plot Area: 0,575
Work started on date: Thursday, 14th April 2011
Work completion date: Monday, 26th March 2012


Diagram of collective spaces and pedestrian path general plan zon plan Territorial plan

The project is based on the recognition of lterritorial form. They are repeated consolidated rules and latent settlement that recover the ability structuring of the track and its regulator
landscape value. A huge wall of dry stone close the project in the north-west and marks the boundary between the industrial area and the new residential area. Prosecutor intervention unit consists of several stages and clients while through a series of footpaths enables the distribution of housing accessible to the portion of the first floor. On the elevated walkway, above the wall you can see the surrounding hills and it is possible stop in one of the small public spaces equipped.
The wall structure is characterized by metal gabions filled with local limestone structure which refers to the local building tradition of the walls with limestone. The technology of gabions, used currently work for water projects, has the characteristics of mass, strength and thickness of a wall dry stone with a marginal impact on the economic framework of the intervention. Evoking an embankment refer to the origin of the alluvial plain which houses the new residential sector. As a whole the stone wall repeats the relationship between the building volumes of historic center of Prato and the ancient walls that surround it. The project responds to the complexity of the program through the generation of a rich variety of spaces public domestic scale reminiscent of the covered walkways of the historic fabric and prevent monotony of an intervention unit large. A pedestrian interior path is characterized by a series of small equipped public spaces, crosses the lot in the longitudinal direction. The common green of the fund is concentrated between the buildings to the north and along the main road parallel to the ‘wall’. The trail connects the various interventions subsidized housing and connects by via Borchi at north of the residential lot with the interior of the block to the south.

immagini-9 immagini-8 immagini-7 immagini-6

The public space is designed to give everyone the same opportunity to travel and access and allow to disabled people a free movement without the need to use mechanical means. The row house with private garden, typical of the Tuscan tradition, has been reinterpreted in updated with the aim of providing each unit of a small private outdoor space, farmland, and the the same time to optimize the maintenance of the space has not been built. The buildings have two different fronts: first, the public, where the gallery distribution of apartments overlooking the access road to the garages, the second home, the gardens and is open pedestrian paths internal to the sector. The distribution balconies on the first floor are accessible through ramps and stairs along the ‘wall’, by stairs common on the east side of the lot along the way and cross over the spaces equipped public. The buildings are made up of simple white volumes at two levels suspended on a base made of septa concrete-face view that define the spaces attributable to the ground floor accommodation.
To reply to a consumer waste have been imagined small variations in the familybase, “young couple”, which determined the spatial organization of the different cuts of accommodation: 50 70 square meters of net floor area. It is limited to the cost of the bypassed with a planning process to allowed to respond to the demand for quality domestic space diversifying the solutions of the cuts accommodation.


Edilizia Pubblica Pratese s.p.a.
Promoter: Edilizia Pubblica Pratese s.p.a.
Allotment rule: Announcement for young families (L.R.Toscana n. 96 del 20/12/1996, nonché della Del.C.R.Toscana n.391 del 21/12/1999 (under 35, sposati da non piu’ di 2 anni, residenza anagrafica nei comuni della Provincia di Prato, limiti di reddito e di diritti di proprieta’, ecc.)
Reduction cost percentage compared to the market value:
rent: from 58% to 98% of reduction

Country: Italy
City/Town: Prato
Address: via del Molinaccio 5-105


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